click360SelfDrive, a 360-degree feedback application based on the click-360 platform widely used by NHS-related organisations, pledges to donate 10% of all company profits for the rest of this year to NHS Charities Together. Its Urgent Appeal recognises NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

What’s more the company is discounting their Feedback Coaching services by 25% to any frontline key workers that undertake one of their click-360 degree feedback assessments.

The commitment marks CEO Colin Newbold’s personal investment to support customers and communities during the Covid-19 crisis as people may be dealing with incredible challenges daily. The platform allows for employees and employers to capture efforts and ensure rewards are received.

click-360’s ongoing donation intends to support the charity in three core areas which include:

  • Welfare and wellbeing for NHS employees, volunteers and patients
  • Assistance for patients leaving hospital
  • Long-term mental health support for NHS workers

Colin Newbold, CEO of click-360 said: “Everyday we see extraordinary efforts, particularly from NHS and care workers on the front line, in hospitals and nursing homes.

We know this unwanted disruption and unfortunate disease is not going away soon. Although we’re a software company we want to do our bit to help where we can so this is our way of giving back. We hope that this continued funding for NHS Charities Together will contribute to  providing vital support to NHS workers, patients, care workers and communities – ensuring that help reaches more people, and quickly.”

Colin said: “Losing my father-in-law in 2019, although not due to the coronavirus, he passed away in his nursing home looked after by the most wonderful carers. The pressure on care homes and care workers during this pandemic is scaling dramatically. We hope our donation supports these key workers however possible, including training, PPE, counseling, procedures and more.”

click-360 software offers significant time-saving over contemporary products which, given the busy workload of NHS staff now and for the foreseeable future, must be a further bonus.

Your Healthcare is a social enterprise employing over 600 people to deliver NHS community healthcare services including Health Visiting, District Nursing, and Physiotherapy in the London Borough of Kingston.  “click-360’s tool has been hugely, hugely beneficial to Your Healthcare,” says Liz Ogilvie, Learning and Development Consultant. “The organisation is going through a lot of change and this helps to begin to think about the teams and how they’re working and present them with real, clear feedback – there’s no arguing with it: it is what it is.”

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About click-360 SelfDrive

The mission of click-360SelfDrive is to provide accessible and affordable 360 feedback software for organisations across the globe. CEO Colin Newbold also founded the parent company, click-360. The software aims to transform leaders and managers across organisations of all shapes and sizes, giving employees – wherever they work and at whatever level – the bosses they deserve. click-360SelfDrive allows individual users, organisations, teams and consultants to carry out 360 degree feedback from just one participant to multiple cohorts, making it more accessible and scalable.