Selling on eBay as an E-commerce Company

E-commerce is, at its heart, something of a strange concept. As the name would suggest, it represents the buying and selling of consumer goods over the internet instead of in physical locations. So much is obvious, but it’s actually wrong to imagine that ecommerce is simply a virtualization of what existed before. There are a few things that are completely new, and one of those involves the role played by the ecommerce websites that anybody can sell on.

We are talking here about Amazon, Alibaba and, of course, eBay. Imagine, in the days before the internet, that there was a common marketplace where anyone could buy and sell goods as an alternative to visiting actual stores. Yes, something like that of course did exist, but imagine now that all the biggest chain stores and companies could also come along to that same market and sell their wares along with individuals doing the same thing. That is effectively the experience, in virtual form, that has been made possible by the largest ecommerce sites.

The eBay Experience

eBay has been an incredibly popular place for ecommerce sites to sell. Of course, the unique situation with eBay is the bidding feature, which precludes most established retail chains. However, some smaller ecommerce sites use the bidding service too, and eBay now also allows straight sales as well.

If you run a small- to medium-sized ecommerce site, you might be eying up eBay as a potential outlet for your wares. Shipping and Handling of Texas (, a company specializing in ecommerce fulfillment, say that the reason this could be a great idea is simply that you can reach many more customers through an established site like eBay than you ever would through your own ecommerce site. Furthermore, you can also draw customers from eBay towards your ecommerce site.

Tips for Selling as an Ecommerce Company on eBay

Coming to the most important question now – how can you see success doing this? Here follows two especially important tips:

Know the eBay Market

When you sell through your own ecommerce website, knowing your customer base probably isn’t too difficult. After all, they are your customer base, interested in your products – why would they be on your site otherwise? This is not the case with eBay, and you need to understand that the customers on eBay are not necessarily your customers. Accordingly, to see success, you should lean towards the type of products that usually sell well on eBay.

Generally speaking, the top selling products on eBay are precisely those which generally sell best on ecommerce sites – things such as phone accessories, beauty products, and so on. If you sell such items, then great. If you don’t, it’s all about finding that corner of the eBay usership that is looking for products like yours. You cannot just assume everybody on the site is automatically a potential customer.

Be Ready to Get Competitive with Prices

This is where the unique auction function of eBay comes into play. Even if your sale is part of an eBay auction or not, the general culture of the site promotes price comparisons and close examination of competitive prices. Accordingly, it might be wise to forgo market value and sell something for below it. This will attract the notice of eBay users and, if bidding starts, you could end up making a serious profit from the sale.

eBay is a curious and pretty unique ecommerce platform. However, its continued popularity has been ensured by the unique appeal it holds for customers. By joining it as a business, you could make some of those customers yours.